Afterthoughts: Where Did We Sit on the Bus?, written and performed by Brian Quijada, directed by Chay Yew, and produced by Teatro Vista

Where Did We Sit on the Bus? is an autobiographical, live-mixing, theatrical journey of the senses. Brian Quijada bears his soul onstage for 90 minutes speaking, rhyming, and singing about American culture, growing up in Chicago, and imagining the life experience of his future child. This is a one actor tour-du-force of a performance that envelopes the audience through Quijada’s charm and talent. These melodies and beats will get stuck in your head and the spoken bits will incite your thoughts.

Chay Yew directs Quijada with a softness, allowing the actor’s natural charm to radiate from the stage and into the hearts and minds of the audience. The central question of the play is, of course, Where Did We Sit on the Bus?, but that only scratches the surface of Quijada’s thought provoking piece. Through beat box, charango, harmonica, and vocals, Quijada paints a vivid world of a young boy caught in between cultures and representing an American story.

Brian Quijada’s album, Where Did We Sit on the Bus?, is available on Spotify and for sale. You can enjoy most of the content found in the live show, as the production has closed.