The Crownless King: Part II, produced by House Theatre

One of the most fascinating aspects of theatre is that sometimes a lasting impression is made not necessarily by phenomenal acting, an emotional story, or an engaging narrative. Sometimes this impression is made by the monumental will of theatricality, artistic vision, and ingenuity. One of my favorite productions I have ever seen was Mondo Bizzaro's Flight at the New Orleans Fringe Festival. That production seduced me into believing the impossible was happening before my own eyes. The Crownless King, produced by House Theatre and presented at Chopin Theatre, warranted a similar experience. The exception was that I was moved by the theatrical will to produce an original, fantasy trilogy over the course of three years. A daring move that, if it pays off, will successfully ignite the imagination of artists and patrons alike. The reason the production sticks is because it dared to be impractical. I'm guaranteed to remember it because of this boldness, even present within the beautiful program that converted into a large map of the fantasy realm.