A Play Created by Improvisation: A Experiment in Process

During a six week process in April and May, I worked with eight wonderful actors on creating a theatrical world through improvisations. The result was a one night performance of The Mileage Out of Misery. We used improvisations to create a world full of rich history and relationships. The result was clunky, but we proved that working this way was beneficial. The process was amazing and I learned much for the next time I attempt to produce this sort of work again. 

Here a blurb I wrote for special invites to our performance:

The Mileage Out of Misery is a play that offers a brief glimpse of eight individuals living in a small town in Misery, Montana. The piece was created solely through improvisation over the past six weeks by a group of actors and a director. The result is a play that examines the toxicity of secrets, lies, and betrayal within a close-knit group of friends. To call it simply a play may not be doing the entire process justice. What has been created is a world in which these characters inhabit, a world in which they continue to live beyond the confines of two acts. The history, events, and relationships that have been birthed are perhaps more akin to a multiple seasoned television show than a two hour play. 

What you will see is only a glimpse of this world through a very rough workshopped performance. We invite you to participate in this culmination of our little experimental process.

The piece will be about 90 minutes long and admission is free.

Sunday, May 12th, 8PM -- Lab Theatre

Featuring and Created by:

Kate Dressler

Amanda Espinoza

Jamy Gillespie

Joel Ison

Charlie Schweiterman

Jared Strange

Liz Stromsness

Randy Woolley

directed by Ryan Bruce