My Work

Ryan P. Bruce is an actor, director, and educator based in New Orleans. He specializes in physical theatre, new play development, and classical texts. Ryan believes in theatre being not just a community asset but a community itself, one that creates reflective artistry that radiates beyond the confines of a stage and into the consciousness of the community. His favorite projects are those that challenge the status quo of American theatre, which dare to dream beyond traditional staging, casting, and issue.

New Play Development & Devising

Ryan's process unlocks the storytelling power within artists through a rigorous and imaginative process that merges the cognitive and physical. By focusing on the creative power of the individual, the world of the play is examined as it is being constructed by the playwright, deviser, or actor. Working alongside theatre artists from all disciplines, the end goal is a cohesive, living, piece of theatre.


If you'd like to contact me, please email, or can find me on LinkedIn: