My Work

Ryan P. Bruce is an actor, director, and educator based in New Orleans. He specializes in physical theatre and new play development. Ryan believes in theatre being not just a community asset but a community itself, one that creates reflective artistry that radiates beyond the confines of a stage and into the consciousness of a community. His favorite projects are those that challenge the status quo of American theatre, which dare to dream beyond traditional staging, casting, and issue.


Teaching Methods & Philosophy

Ryan works with student actors and devisors in a process that synthesizes Meisner, long-form improvisation, Laban, Viewpoints, and Suzuki. Through this rigorous physical process, the instrument is shaped and tuned to the cognitive demands of acting methodology. Layering in vocal work with text and exercises inspired by Linklater, Lessac, and Alexander techniques, Ryan works towards the goal of creating an integrated Voice, Movement, and Acting practice.

Ryan believes that every person is a storyteller. Physical and vocal precision is necessary to tell a good story, and some people have developed these skills on their own through repetition and self-study. There is the fulfilment of a basic human need when we tell a story: the sharing of an experience. Ryan believes that education reflects on this need to share and be heard. Education is about inspiring and challenging students to embark on a life long journey of shaping and reshaping cognitive thought, physical process, and embodied listening. This philosophy shapes how we think and process our world: the heart of good acting pedagogy.


New Play Development & Devising

Ryan's process unlocks the storytelling power within artists through a rigorous and imaginative process that merges the cognitive and physical. By focusing on the creative power of the individual, the world of the play is examined as it is being constructed by the playwright, deviser, or actor. Working alongside theatre artists from all disciplines, the end goal is a cohesive, living, piece of theatre.


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